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Meet Ronald van Dijk, a great music lover and a lover of the city of Groningen.
Ronald has lived in the city for years and in recent years has seen the demand for Reggae grow in the city where Reggae used to live in all shapes and sizes. Nowadays you don't see much Reggae in the city, let alone big parties and festivals. Ronald's desire to bring the Reggae scene back to the city has grown in recent years.

Meanwhile, plans have been made, enthusiasm has grown and the first date has been decided!


Reggae Groningen will turn the city of Groningen upside down with at least 6 Reggae parties . This will not be just any party. Both national and international artists will occupy the stage! The diversity within the Reggae will fill the streets of Groningen and make hips move.


But not only existing artists will occupy the stage. We at Reggae Groningen also want to offer new talent the opportunity to show themselves to the general public and put themselves on the map. So do you think you are a new upcoming talent? Then let us know for sure!


We would like to reach many people in Groningen. That is why we have chosen to use low ticket prices and catering prices. This way we want to keep the parties accessible and interesting for everyone!


On February 29, 2020 we kick off with our first party in the

Der Aa Church in Groningen.

For more information, we ask you to keep an eye on the website! Many facts and info will appear on this in the coming period.

We at Reggae Groningen hope to see you on February 29, 2020.


Be there and enjoy and feel the vibes of Reggae music!

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